Find a Lost Smile

A book that will inspire children to follow their heart

She is little....

...and, she LUVVVVVVEs to write

...with her FAVORITE, pink pen.

But, one day, a doctor tells her that she shouldn't write - that she should be a doctor. He has more money, a bigger house, and a pool full of money that he can swim in

...and so, she puts her favorite pink pen on a shelf, tries to be like everyone else (a rich doctor, a pizza-flipping chef, and a Great-Dane-saving firefighter.). But as she tries on their hats, she loses her big smile along the way...

Will she find her lost smile???

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"Henry and Maisy LOVED it. The underlying message -staying true to yourself - really hit home with them."

Aron P. (Father)

"I teared up reading this to my daughter, thinking of all the years I spent bouncing from job to job in search of true happiness. This is a powerful story that is a must read for kids (and adults)."

-Casey L. (Father)

"Perfect blend of humor, wit, adversity, and inspiration -- my kids were engaged the whole time, and were asking me questions throughout that made me stop and reflect on my own life."

Sara (Mother)