Author Visit


Schedule an in-person visit/read aloud for your school, library, or organization!  

Call Dr. Jeff at (207) 423 7540 or email

51% of ALL proceeds are donated to causes that we believe in (refer to our "Mission" from the main menu)

The Benefits

The messages in FIND A LOST SMILE - staying true to yourself, following your heart, and blazing your own path - provide several opportunities for discussion, self-reflection, and action in a world where there is so much pressure on kids to conform.  Following the sessions, participants will feel empowered to be their true self and feel more comfortable in their own skin.

What to Expect

If you plan to have more than one classroom, etc. partake, typically, we will start with a brief general assembly where Dr. Jeff will introduce himself, the book, why he wrote it, the challenges he met in his life along the way, etc. 

After the assembly, we will break into smaller groups (typically, Dr. Jeff will spend 30-45 mins per classroom - this is 100% flexible based on your needs.)

In addition to a read aloud, we will provide activities for the children to participate in (which will vary by age group) including, but not limited to:

Coloring activities, short story writing sessions/"how-to's", small group discussions, lessons (i.e. steps to publishing a book), and more


Maine:                   $1500 full day           $800 half day       $300 / hr

New England:       $1800 full day            X                         X

Other States:        $2200 full day (plus travel expenses)

What does the school/org. need to provide?

1. A projector and microphone (if needed in space).

2. Whiteboard and markers.

3. An appropriate space where groups come to me (can be a different location than opening assembly).

4. Eager students with writing/coloring utensils and paper!

5. Directions to the school and any special requests upon arrival.

6. A check for the full agreed upon amount on day of Dr. Jeffs visit 

7. Agreement to send home an order form for books with the students 1-2 weeks prior to the visit.

What to do once your visit is scheduled

Provide Dr. Jeff with the schedule including room numbers/locations and times (if applicable, of course) (including breaks)

Use the timing mentioned above but remember, Jeff can work with you to meet your needs

How can books be purchased?

Dr. Jeff's Books can be purchased at and in person on the day of the visit. He signs and personalizes all of his books.

Flyers should be sent home to students prior to the visit with purchase information. Teachers/staff can purchase day of or online if interested.

*One copy will be donated to your organization as a THANK YOU for having me!*

Again, please feel free to e-mail or call 207-423-7540 to schedule your visit!

We look forward to it!